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Xara Capital is an organization established with the aim to educate our members on the vast growing world and economy of Crypto, Blockchain and De-Fi. We desire for our members to understand and be educated on the pitfalls but also the opportunities which can and is life changing. Our heart is to assist in the economical and financial liberation of individuals, families, businesses and whole communities. We envision a better tomorrow for everyone.

Our University and School will empower our members and students to understand some of the following subject matters:

1. What is Bitcoin
2. What is Crypto Currencies
3. What is Blockchain technology and how is it influencing our future
4. Chart Analysis
5. What is De-Fi and what opportunities exists within this world?
6. How to do due diligence and market research before engaging in any opportunities
7. What different exchanges and wallets do you get? Their purpose and differences.

Our students and members will also receive constant market reports from well known and trusted Economists and Market Analysts we follow to understand market trends and influences.

Other business classes, presentations and training will also be presented to enrich our members and students.

XARA CAPITAL will work towards changing lives through using the powerful tool of education.


The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology lies in providing a lightning-fast, cheap alternative to established cross-border payment methods for all business types.

With over 42 million bitcoin wallets set up globally, future businesses need to facilitate and promote the exchange of cryptocurrency types across the Blockchain. Blockchain technology will help businesses by keeping transaction costs below one percent. It can provide all businesses with real-time payment processing – freeing up much-needed money for daily use.

However, there are always hurdles to overcome with new technology. These obstacles include regulating the use of blockchain technologies and related cryptocurrencies. This could lead to new types of regulatory agencies managing the technology in different ways across the globe. Thus, creating a new, complex network surrounding blockchain security management.

Cross-boarder payment processing is one of the most promising and talked-about uses for applying blockchain technology.

What Will the Future of Blockchain Hold?

Cryptocurrencies of all types use the Blockchain as a form of distributed ledger technology. Blockchains act as a decentralized system for recording transactions for a digital currency.

More simply, the Blockchain is a digital, transactional ledger. It maintains identical copies of the same ledger across a series of computers within the same network. This ledger is distributed across each computer in the network and helps to facilitate its incredible security.

For this reason, cybersecurity is one of the most promising areas of growth for blockchain technology. Businesses of all sizes are going to face ever-increasing issues with threats of data hacking. Blockchain technology can be used to prevent such attacks. It allows data to remain secure while allowing active participants to continually watch the Blockchain to verify every transaction’s authenticity.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity within the world of finance and economics. Hedge funds and investment firms are now serving the demand for these alternative cryptocurrency investments.

Blockchain technology has other uses for companies outside of the financial industry and is an attractive technology for many different business types. It is predicted that blockchain technology will be seen as the most important innovation to emerge from the cryptocurrency boom.

The Future for Businesses and Cross-Border Payments

The cross-border transfer of money has always been slow and expensive. When multiple currencies are involved, the transfer process requires numerous banks’ participation. These banks are located throughout the world and the services that allow these transactions are costly.

Blockchain technology can provide a much faster and cheaper alternative to these cross-border payments. Blockchain technology can reduce transaction costs to just a fraction of what they currently are. They also provide guaranteed, real-time transaction processing speeds.

Can Stable Coins Provide Better Cross-Boarder Payments?

Stable coins have grown in popularity because they offer a way to back a cryptocurrency with real assets, just like the U.S. currency used to be supported by gold. It was known as the Gold Standard before the Nixon Administration brought in the Breton Woods act in 1971. The Breton Woods act created a completely “paper money” system.

These assets could be other currencies or commodities. They could even be real estate and personal belongings. It could be anything..

Can you imagine a business where all traded assets are linked to Blockchain technology? You could buy and sell mansions located on the other side of the world in a fraction of a second. The same goes for motor vehicles and valuable pieces of artwork. All traded at lightning speed with minimal transaction costs. Amazing!

As you can see, Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has a future outlook that is very promising. Some critics see the limitless potential for blockchain technology, while other critics see nothing but the potential for risk and loss. We’ll let you decide.

(Article by “The European Business Review”)


We strive to create and environment of ethical and reliable business ethics


We endeavor to conduct all dealings within a just and fair manner


We are committed to the education of our members to make informed and smart decisions about any opportunities within this world of economics

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