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NovaTech General
Project Information

Within XARA CAPITAL we take much care to find projects and financial opportunities which we believe are good, trustworthy and profitable projects and platforms. We go through a great length of effort to do due-diligence and to understand the business module of any company or entity before we will present such an opportunity to our members.

Novatech is one of those companies and opportunities we believe to be a jewel within a vast growing and changing economic climate.

Novatech is a Forex and Crypto trading platform with state of the art AI technology and some of the world’s best traders. Trades are conducted within milliseconds and therefore 1000’s of trades are conducted within a short amount of time, not humanly possible. However, they do employ some of the world’s best traders, whom undergo a very strict vetting process, which aids in trades being conducted rather more conservatively and markets being monitored constantly.Past performances have proven to be very profitable, proven to be stable through market challenges,yielding an average of 3-4% per week without compounding.

Novatech was established by Cynthia Petion in 2019 together with her husband and brother. This was birthed with the intention of helping as many people as possible to be liberated financially. They are globally established with 1000’s of members worldwide. They successfully process more than 2, 000, 000 withdrawals and transactions every Friday when profits are paid.
Company registration and address is as follow:
NovaTech, LTD is incorporated as Business Company Number 25614 BC 2019 under the Business Companies (Amendment and Consolidation), Act Chapter 149 of the Revised Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2009.
Some of the benefits Novatech offers:
  • No Trading Experience Needed
  • Weekly Pay-outs
  • Earn Additional income through Affiliate Marketing
  • No Dealing Desks. Trades Executed in Milliseconds
  • Deep Liquidity
  • 100+ Fiat and Crypto Pairs Available
  • Quick Approvals. 
    Within XARA CAPITAL we endeavour to always offer our members the best technical, general and training support for each project we present. With our very enthusiastic, skilled and capable team we offer the following:

  • Support and training in how to open up  and fund accounts.
  • How to do withdrawals and compound.
  • Weekly presentations where our members can invite friends and family to understand this opportunity.
  • Stewardship of portfolios for members who feel unsure how to engage and perhaps do not have the technological skills.
  • Pool fund for members who do not have the initial start-up capital to trade profitably. Even though the initial amount required to gain profits from trade is not a large amount we do understand that some members might still find this difficult to start with and we do not want anyone to be left behind.

  • Please join one of our presentations to find out more or follow the sign up process. 

    Welcome to your Journey to Freedom, it is our honour that we can be your companion.