• Ethereum -62.46
    $1,617.50 -3.72%
  • Bitcoin -561.95
    $22,858.1 -2.40%
  • DigitalCash -3.39
    $58.32 -5.49%
  • Cardano -0.02
    $0.3864 -4.14%
  • Ripple -0.02
    $0.3968 -4.13%
  • Ethereum Classic -1.51
    $22.53 -6.28%
  • Litecoin -3.83
    $95.35 -3.86%
  • Trigger -0.01
    $0.4526 -2.40%
  • WarpCoin 0.00
    $0.01621 -3.72%

Xara Capital – Xara City Opportunity

Xara City is an Ecosystem where Real Estate can be purchased by participants which typically grows in value, rewarding the Xara City Real Estate Owner (herein are referred to as Xarians) with rent in Xara.

While the XARA CITY Ecosystem is currently in the development phase, much like the growth profile of a real city, it allows for a platform that can grow over many years into the future. As the Xara City Ecosystem develops property, Xarians can benefit from increased rental rates.

The Xara City Metaverse provides the following features:
1. A Play to Earn immersive experience in the Xaraverse.
2. Community powered project and Community Vault.
3. NFT’s and Xara Utility Token launching soon.
4. Deflationary Tokenomics, Staking, Future NFT Airdrops, and More.
5. Created by world class Property Developers, Architects, Blockchain Gurus and Marketers.
6. Other features is planned and or in development within the Xara City Metaverse like dealings with world class car dealerships, online shopping, hosting of real life performance events, stock market, commodity dealings etc.

XARA CAPITAL has been given the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale phase of this project and our members have the option to either purchase a complete building or participate in the crowd-funding option.
This platform and project has the potential to yield a 200%-900% APY in rewards.
Please read our disclaimer and terms and conditions for more information and or join one of our information sessions. Information about our information sessions can be found on our social media groups. Please subscribe to our social media platforms following our links on our website.
To join our Telegram group, please follow the link: https://t.me/+EKEXZuLW_tNiYjU0
For more information on Xara City please visit: www.xaracity.com