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Lori and Ken McKinstry

Xara capital is the absolute perfect platform to achieve all your digital currency needs.
They operate with core values that include, integrity, honesty, customer value and a spirit of excellence. Their team is cohesive, caring and innovative and prompt in response to customer needs Xara is led by well established and reputable educators and business leaders that span the globe All projects are properly vetted in order to assure trust and transparency in every transaction In this crazy world of Crypto you can rest assured with Xara capital !

Veronique Lawson

Hello, Few months ago, I joined Xara Capital because a friend of mine spoke so highly about this emerging company and what it was all about, and how its employees were so engaging with members. I felt convinced to give it a try and lo, since then Xara Capital has exceeded my expectations in terms of member education and training, the warm welcome on board and engagement with support & leaders helping me to easily navigate through the process. Besides this, the opportunity accessibility is huge and opened to all members without restrictions. Non only do Xara Values are clearly stated on its website, but they are fully exemplified. I could not end this short testimonial, without given a shout out to Neo: Thank you so much for walking me through and be my to go person when I need to understand something or missed a training session. You are the best! Thank you Xara Capital / Xara City

Victoria Esuba (Spain)

I enrolled in the basic blockchain and crypto training course because I needed to fully grasp the concept and functioning of “cryptocurrencies”. This course saved me a lot of time browsing through YouTube. I loved the training, the interactive visuals and Euben’s step by step approach. Each section had an objective. Plus, the different audio-visuals were very eye catching, engaging, and invaluable. I sailed through the course in 6 days because it’s sectioned into digestible modules that kept me curious to learn more. Thank you so much, Xara Capital!


Nervelin Tobierre-Waldo (USA)

Xara capital and Xara City have been one of the most exciting ventures I have come across in modern day for the Saints of God. God has been faithful in downloading to His people the blueprints of His economy for the world, at least in part so far. And it has already proven to be very exciting, thought provoking, prophecy fulfilling very interesting and definitely promises to be very lucrative in the long run for the glory of His kingdom. The staff and management of Xara Capital and Xara City are very accommodating, transparent, precise, open and very willing to lend support and to teach the people of God according to what He has downloaded within them to teach us. There has been trainings that are very thorough and easy to understand. Very exciting ventures for the future and the present have been presented to us that we can participate in. The wealth transfer than God promised has begun! And it is marvellous in my eyes. No one is left in the dark. They are available for you. Everyone has an opportunity to invest and be a part of the projects no matter your income bracket. They have made it accessible to all. Come! Join Xara Capital, join Xara City! If you are Kingdom Citizen, this opportunity is for you.

To those who have never seen or experience the love of “The Father” our God, Xara Capital is truly a blessing unto man and creation. Never have I seen such dedication to my success of being financially free and more so spiritually awaken to the great possibilities out there for me and my family. I am so grateful and excited for this process that I have been blessed to be a part of. The level of integrity from the support team and other members is phenomenal and firm. They make it so easy for you to understand and comprehend the processes the will take place and that is taking place in each opportunity that is available for us. Interacting on their Channel is a bonus! There is where I get a lot of positive interaction with different people from across the globe. I have personally experienced their caring and compassionate heart towards the success of God`s people. No more, will the enemy have dominion over the success of all people thanks to Xara Capital. Their leaders and support team truly stand in entire wholeness and truthfulness of their values. I am confident! I am sure! This is our time to honor our right to be free. Xara Capital will hold your hand, and guide you through every step of the way with their training techniques and material made available to you. I have never felt lost in this process this far. And If I am not certain about something, guess what? Xara Capital support team will be right there waiting to assist as best as possible. I see a future for my family in this journey. Life is a Journey! Not a destination! The “Journey to Freedom” must continue ……

Owen Roberts (Turks & Caicos Islands)

Since I started this unchartered adventure with Xara Capital, at first it was frightening as I was TOTALLY ignorant of this entirely new world, I had ventured in. Terminologies, phrases, just an entirely new language, the team at Xara Capital was able to guide my understanding. They were adequately trained to break down this complex world and walk me through it. Although time zones were an obstacle, they were fully accessible. Having had the full education/knowledge of this system, was the appropriate tool for seamless training for newbies like me, throughout the process I was fully engaged and now understand the great investment opportunity that lies before me.


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